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As I was talking to my sister earlier tonight, I begin to feel extra salty about spending another holiday as a single woman. Like REALLY, "here we go again God".

She attended her company's Christmas party and was completely beautiful. Instead of a man, her Babygirl was her date. I couldn't help but think of many women I know personally that's been married multiple times and can't seemingly do life without a man and has skipped the line over and over again getting married.

Here's one I know personally that lives for God, strives and thrives to keep His commandments while obeying them. And she's been single for years now...#like it so seems unfair to me while on the end I'm ok with her standards and not wasting time with any fool.

What do we do when HOPE voice decreases?

How do we continue to go year after year with the same hopeless thoughts?

Like when will it be my turn?

Is anything left for me because from the looks of it the warehouse needs more workers 😳

I literally think the prophesies I've received on marriage is a bit foreign and was for my neighbor(s) 😂

What do we do?

Well the answers that comes to mind is to "stay put". Keep working on:

  1. Your credit

  2. Travel places by yourself

  3. Finish school

  4. Loose the pounds

  5. Journal

  6. Exercise

  7. Create

  8. Build


  10. keep safe & healthy boundaries

  11. Date ALL of them until the one finds you

  12. Pray

  13. Attend and serve your local assembly

  14. See a therapist (filter)

There's always something we can accomplish in our moments of "staying put".

I am STILL convince although sometimes discouraged that if we STAY working on these things purposely that one day soon; we will have a head on collision to the one God has ordained for our lives.

Just stay put 🎄🫶🏾😳

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